Thursday, 29 June 2017

Money Maker - Reloaded

What makes the world go round? Money, you'd say. Well, most of us would attest to that whether we've had money or not. Money Maker looks at the typical life of making money through the Profession of Prostitution. Typical as it looks and sounds, there's more to the womxn in this Profession. For most, we go judging as we sit mightly on our Moral Horses, throwing around comments and instructions (disguised as suggestions) on how They should have made better choices; should have asked for help; should've found a job; how they should lead their lives, and and and. 

To paraphrase the lead actor in this play, life demands you make choices - if you don't, it'll make them for you. I find more often we are caught between standardising these choices as to whether they are wrong or right. As to who is far down and out to be making certain choices and why. The play looks to answer questions that most of us have about Prostitution, and, it leaves you asking yourself if you really know, if what you know is the ultimate truth. The lead actress portrayed her character (Sis Dee) superbly as the experienced, wiser, and leader of the pack. She was there to guide her colleagues as she referred to them, in their line of work, to share their stories, and support each other. From this, one learns of how family is not limited to blood. The ladies epitomise sisterhood which is unfortunately derailed by the presence of a single man in their lives. A man who comes declaring love to the leader of the pack only to go feeding his fetishes with the rest of the house. Like in any relationship, that's bound to cause havoc.

The plot twist was unexpectedly beautYful (kudos to the writer); finding out that the man/womxn whom you've been head over heels with is actually your next of kin can send anyone to an early grave. Witnessing the audience teary, some with mixed emotions, after having laughed and judged the characters, while falling in love with some, was the ultimate show-stopper for me (the play was
guaranteed seconds!). A show about choices, survival, being, becoming; how do we not relate? Follow the show with zero expectations because some lessons are hidden in the most typical situations. Tummy aches are guaranteed from all the witty(and stupid) jokes the characters throw around.

I left wanting to know more about the Prostitution Profession. Learning. Grahamstown [Arts Festival], you're next!

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  1. Kudos to the writer of this review. You put in a good word for the show in me.